Arma des Dons 2023
13 - 14 - 15 Octobre

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About the Arma des Dons

L'Arma des Dons is a non-profit association that brings together the entire French-speaking world and works through online gaming events. Arma Des Dons has been supporting the League Against Cancer for almost 3 years. Today, more than 110,000 euros have been raised for medical research.

  • Date & Time 13 to 15 October 2023
  • Streameurs Coming soon


Each member of our team of volunteers invests themselves to the best of their ability to best represent charitable causes !

Avatar Unbeulibabeule



PhD student in nutrition at Laval University in Quebec where I study diabetes and obesity. Part-time streamer and video game enthusiast. Addicted to talking and coffee !

Avatar Geek en Santé



GeekSeignant, he wears his nickname well. An entrepreneur who grew up as a caregiver to a mother with multiple sclerosis, his desire to help others and his knowledge of management make him an ally of choice for Arma des Dons.

Avatar Spenouh


Vice President

Spenouh, multitasking worker, absolute fan of South park and Dragon Ball, poor streamer but with a lot of passion. Troll harder live better !

Avatar Spartan Boy

Spartan Boy


SpartanBoy, sports salesman but big fan of motorsports. Streamer since 2019 on several styles of games, but mainly on simulation and simracing games

Avatar Hauru



Shadow technician and Swiss Army knife, streamer in his spare time, and natural helper, Hauru has been involved since the second edition in a cause that is close to his heart.

Avatar SirZeph


Human Resources Manager

ICT support by day and geek by night, member of Arma des Dons since 2020. Gamer for over 32 years and streamer for 6 years.

Avatar Luch


Communications Manager

Luch (aka P@ul), 480p streamer passionate about video games and (too) big Nintendo lover. Communicator and marketer specialized in digital because (still too) addicted to new technologies.

Avatar ViksTV


Marketing Manager

Human being passionate about the animal world. His skills acquired in the depths of the rainforest will be perfect for the position of marketing manager. He and his team work as hard as possible to make you win as many gifts as possible !



Organization Manager

DNA, IT engineer and Twitch streamer since 2015. It is always with joy and good humor that he organizes and hosts all types of programs with his companions.


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