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About the Arma des Dons

The second edition will take place on November 27 at 12AM (UTC + 2) for 24 hours on the Twitch platform. This event supports the association of la Ligue contre le cancer. In fact, cancer is now responsible for nearly 8.8 million deaths each year worldwide. It is one of the leading causes of death and the numbers keep rising.

  • Date & Time 6AM QC / 12AM FR, 27 November 2021
  • Streameurs 42 Streameurs
  • Partenaires 18 Partenaires


Each member of our team of volunteers invests themselves to the best of their ability to best represent charitable causes !

Avatar Unbeulibabeule



PhD student in nutrition at Laval University in Quebec where I study diabetes and obesity. Lost-time streamer and passionate about video games. Addicted to chatting and coffee!

Avatar Unbeulibabeule


Head Private Partners

TumgCruise, Tahitian streamer who tries to share his passion for video games while having fun. I play several games including Grounded, LoL, Warzone, Sea of Thieves ...

Avatar TumgCruise

Archibald Wirslayd

Head of Partner Streamers

Archibald Wirslayd (but say Archi it's simpler) leader of wild but kind evolves, professional maroufleur and multigaming streamer on lots of things and especially big ugly pixels

Avatar Draygonne


Hiring coordinator

So I introduce myself, Draygonne young dragon, I swim in happiness among my friends and the desire to meet new people. I do not bite, on the contrary, I will welcome you with open arms, if any time you are in this family spirit

Avatar Jemine


Hiring coordinator

Jemine, 20-year-old run-down comedian. Film student and former Overwatc esports player. Converted into a streamer who gives everything in his projects, of which the Arma des Dons is one of the greatest pride

Avatar Supapoyo


Hiring coordinator

SupaPoyo, 33 years old, France, 3D Graphic Designer in animation cinema for more than 10 years! Recently amateur supaStreameur. I am a big fan of drawing, computers and especially video games!

Avatar Spenouh


Hiring coordinator

Spenouh, multitasking worker, absolute fan of South park and Dragon Ball, sucker streamer but with a lot of passion. Troll harder live better!

Avatar McNolz


Facebook manager

Teddy, traveling technician in the Oise. Since I was little I have always loved video games and a big fan of DBZ. That's why for almost a year I started streaming. Crazy and colorful, with me it's always good humor

Avatar Luch


Twitter manager

Luch (aka P@ul), 480p streamer passionate about video games and (too) big lover of Nintendo. Communicator and marketer specializing in digital because (still too) addicted to new technologies.

Avatar Narhlyne


Instagram manager

Narhlyne, microbiology analyst, moderator and sometimes streamer on Unbeulibabeule. Addicted to Zelda and Animal crossing, loves to craft costumes. Also called mother cat.

Avatar Cappy


TikTok manager

Cappy, former high level athlete who discovers the world of gaming thanks to the stream and his community!

Avatar Neroxis


Website Manager

Gamer, developer & passionate streamer, I play all types of games, from the oldest to the most recent without distinction. The stream is for me a way to offer a moment of relaxation to each viewer present!

Avatar Geek en Santé

Geek en Santé


Geek and in Health, he wears his nickname well. Entrepreneur who grew up as a natural caregiver to a mother suffering from multiple sclerosis, his desire to help others and his knowledge of management make him an ally of choice for Arma des Dons.

Avatar Miror



Miror 45 years old, bi-classified Chti and dad, passionate about series, cartoons and films of the 80s / 90s, fan of strategy and management games and collector of board games

Latest News

Our group lives throughout the year, check out our latest news shared with you below !

C’est l’été !

Le soleil est déjà là, les barbecues sont de sortie, les piscines exposent déjà leurs beaux reflets bleuâtres et les amis refont tranquillement ...

2021-06-18 16:54:49

Et c'est parti !

La fusée redécolle, l’équipage se prépare, la comète est de retour ! C’est avec beaucoup de fierté que nous ouvrons cette deuxième édit...

2021-04-21 18:31:06


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